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With over 30 years experience in the Kitchen Industry, you can be assured of our expertise, professionalism and outstanding service from the moment you ring to make an appointment to when you are presented with your new high quality internal drawer systems.

Our experienced, qualified installers will work with you to ensure your individual needs, budget and objectives are met.  Going the extra mile to ensure you have the most effective and functional outcome is all part of the service.

In recent years there has been a huge shift in the kitchen industry to offer more drawer storage.  Drawers in the modern kitchen create quick easy access to items, tidier and more organised kitchenware and so much more storage space than traditional ‘door and shelf’ cupboards. This got us thinking… what if the kitchen in your home is still in good condition but during the design stage drawers were not on offer or simply not in the budget? What are the options for the homeowner who would like to keep up with the current trend and reap the enormous benefits of drawer storage without waiting years for their kitchen to expire? From this came the formation of inaDRAWER®. A totally fresh concept to create the extra space and ease of use that will make your existing kitchen more efficient than you could ever have imagined. We can modify the interior of your existing cabinets – fully customised to suit your lifestyle. All work is completed on site in our unique mobile workshop.

As quality and customer satisfaction are paramount to us we only use the highest European quality drawer hardware.

You may like the kitchen in your home but after inaDRAWER® have performed their magic, you will love it.