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Is my kitchen suitable for inaDRAWER®?

Your kitchen should be the modern modular type..

Your kitchen should consist of separate single or double door cabinets, usually made from white melamine.

Is inaDRAWER® suitable for pantries?

We can install inner drawers to any one door or two door pantry that measure up to 1200 mm in width.

Corner pantries are not suitable for inaDRAWER®.

Is inaDRAWER® suitable for corner cupboards?

Our amazing inaCORNER fitout utilises Blum high end corner drawer hardware.  Ask our friendly sales staff if your bi-fold corner cabinet may be suitable for inaCORNER “V” drawers.  We can also install lazy susans to corner cupboards.

How long does it take to install inaDRAWER®?

It will vary depending on which design you have chosen but generally allow about two hours per cupboard fitout.

How do I pay?

Payment is required on the day of installation. For your convenience we have EFTPOS facilities on board our mobile unit. We also accept cash. You can also do a direct interbank transfer on-line and give the installer the printed receipt or reference number.

Can I use the cupboards immediately?

Yes, your cupboards will be ready for immediate use.

Is it OK to change my mind on the design on the day of installation?

Yes. As your inaDRAWER® design will be custom built in our mobile unit on the day, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Can I use inaDRAWER®in other rooms in the house ie. laundry, wardrobes etc.?

In many cases, yes, however it will depend on the design construction of your cupboards in these areas. Our inaDRAWER® installer will be happy to advise and quote for any of these areas.

Does inaDRAWER® remove cupboard doors and install drawer fronts to create a drawer bank rather than a cupboard?

In some instances this may be possible depending on the age of the kitchen, whether the existing kitchen laminate is still available to have drawer fronts made, whether existing handles can be matched etc.  The cost to have doors removed and drawer fronts made does increase the cost quite a bit as the job would involve 2 visits and new fronts would need to be made in addition your inaDRAWERs®.  It is best to discuss this with our sales staff and they can advise you whether it would work in your cupboards and what costs would be involved.

Is inaDRAWER® covered by guarantee/warranty?

We use Blum hardware which is backed with a Lifetime Guarantee. This does not cover damage to products when used for purposes other than that for which they are intended. They must not be exposed to acidic or corrosive materials (contained in some household cleaning products), and must be kept clean and undamaged to ensure correct function.

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