Our exciting new product, inaCORNER®, is a first for retrofitting corner drawers into existing corner cabinets!  The fabulous Blum SPACE CORNER drawers have been around for several years now but have only been available for a new kitchen build.  Our innovative creator of the inaDRAWER® system, Michael, has invented a new corner drawer system utilising this high quality amazing hardware and we can retro-fit corner drawers into corner cupboards of varying sizes.  It will transform the usability and functionality of the dreaded corner cupboard.


These amazing corner drawers are incredibility strong and can hold weight up to 65kg , the full extension runners are a huge 650mm deep so they can go all the way into the far deep corner of the cupboard and also carry a lifetime warranty  – this could be the solution you have been waiting for!

3 Drawer inaCORNER® fitout = $1,265 fully installed.

4 Drawer inaCORNER® fitout = $1,485 fully installed.