Our inaDRAWER® installers also offer customers a full kitchen Maintenance Service. Over time the screws in your cupboard hinges and runners become loosened due to natural movement of your home and general day to day use. This causes misalignment and subsequent damage to hardware and cabinetry framework and doors.

To protect the substantial investment you made in the purchase of your kitchen it is essential that all hinges, drawer runners and fittings are tightened, realigned and serviced regularly. This will ensure your kitchen will last the distance and not need replacing years before its time. Book in for our Maintenance Service when our installers are visiting your home to fit out your cupboards with our inaDRAWER® range.

We can also affix buffers to your doors and drawers, and fit quality non-slip drawer liners.

How to check if your kitchen needs our inaDRAWER® Maintenance Service

  • Check to see if the base of your cabinetry doors and drawers forms a perfectly straight line.
  • Have your cupboard doors dropped?
  • Are your doors not closing properly?
  • Are your cupboard doors rubbing or hitting each other?
  • Open your two-door cupboards slightly — are the tops of the two doors aligned?
  • Are the door gaps parallel and streamlined?
  • Do the drawers or doors feel loose?