Tandembox Antaro (Premium Range)

Tandembox Antaro is our Premium Range. These stylish drawers are made from the highest quality materials and designed using the latest technology available. With their stainless steel ball bearing running system featuring Blum’s patented ‘Blumotion’ soft-close, it doesn’t matter whether the drawers are pushed gently or with force, heavily laden or empty, they will all close silently and effortlessly.

A white gloss finish on front and sides give these impressive drawers a really high-end feel and are a breeze to simply wipe clean.

Weight rated at a huge 65kg (for 500mm,550mm and 650mm depths) you will never have to worry about loading up your drawers – they can handle whatever you throw at them.

We carry 2 drawer sizes – a medium sized drawer “M”  and a larger sized “C” drawer with front and side rails.



 Tandembox Antaro 5 drawers



Our premium Tandembox single bank range comes in 6 design options with varying drawer size combinations. When you peruse our design options you will note that each design has measurements which indicate the actual usable space available in each drawer. This will assist you in selecting the best option for your individual requirements. We can also tailor a design of any workable combination for you. Available in white finish.

Tandembox drawer sizes are as follows:

Antaro 'C' drawer     Antaro 'M' Drawer
Size M: 84 mm high drawer sides Weight capacity = 65 kg    Size C: 196 mm high drawer sides Weight capacity = 65 kg