aa Butlers Pantry aBefore

aa Butlers Pantry – under bench Tandembox

a Butlers Pantry 2 Bank, Underbench

Walk-in Butlers , U-shaped Pantry Underbench, 3 Banks

Step in Butler’s Pantry – 2c, 1m Tandembox

Four Drawer – Butlers Pantry

Butlers Pantry 2 banks conversion

Butlers Pantry 2 Banks – 4 Drawer, 3 Drawer

After butlers pantry

aBefore Butlers Pantry

aa Butlers Pantry After

Metabox corner pantry

corner pantry solution before and after

corner pantry lower section

Corner Pantry after Drawers Closed

Corner Pantry 4 drawers each side

Corner Pantry – 5 Drawers x 2 – Tandembox

Tandembox Corner Pantry 5 Drawers before and after

Tandembox Corner Pantry – Step in (10 drawers)

Tandembox 11 drawer Corner Pantry

Tandembox Undersink 1 x C, 1 x M

Tandembox 1c,1m 2 pipe cut-outs

Metabox Dble Vanity

Drawer attached to vanity front

Double Vanity Tandembox

Double undersink Tandembox (4)

Double Door Vanity Tandembox 2 Drawers

2 x M – one side in undersink

2 Drawer Metabox Undersink (2)

Undersink, shelf to corner, 3 drawer bank – Tandembox

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